What is denim? Things to know about Denim fabric

Denim is not only a fabric that but also a product with a long history in the fabric industry in general and uniform clothing in particular.

1. What is denim fabric?

Denim is a fabric that is no stranger to fashion lovers. But maybe not everyone has a thorough understanding of this fabric.

The country of "perfume" - France is the cradle, the first place Denim fabric appeared in the seventeenth century.

In the beginning, this fabric was used to make work clothes for workers. And is preferred by the workers because of the cool, convenient even when they work.


What is denim?  Things to know about Denim fabric

Denim fabric then won the hearts of everyone and gradually asserted itself in the field of apparel.

Hard cotton material together with the interwoven threads woven into Denim fabric. If you are a fan of denim, you will see an upward improvement in this fabric. Blue is a traditional color from the very beginning of the denim fabric due to the use of indigo.


What is denim?  Things to know about Denim fabric

The fibers are often intertwined tightly with high density so generally this fabric is relatively strong, easy to shape.

White fabric has been woven with indigo fiber to make pieces of Denim fabric. Especially with the skillful hands of the tailors, the white yarn runs horizontally and the Melaleuca fiber runs along. That is the characteristic of this fabric that we are using every day now.

To improve the slightly wrinkled and shrinking properties of Denim fabric, people add polyester or lycra.

If in the past Denim fabric was dyed from a specific tree, then today under the development of the garment industry, synthetic indigo was used to color the fabric. This improvement not only does not lose the natural beauty of the color but also increases the color fastness.

If dyed with indigo, the fabric will be traditional blue. And dyed with sulfur, there will be other colors such as red, purple, yellow ...

Since then create rich colors for Denim fabrics and uniform patterns made of denim fabric.

Denim is the most popular fabric in the world.

2. The pros and cons of Denim fabric

Denim fabric is widely used because it has the following advantages:

* Advantages of Denim fabric

Denim fabric absorbs sweat well, cool so bring a sense of comfort to the wearer.

Good and durable material is often used to make uniforms, especially protective clothing for workers.

Rich fabric colors. Can sew many designs and models.

Denim fabric always brings youthful dynamism and personality, style for the wearer especially young people.


What is denim?  Things to know about Denim fabric

It is not difficult to express yourself when wearing clothes with Denim fabric.

* Disadvantages of Denim fabric

Besides the above advantages, Denim fabric also has some disadvantages such as

The elasticity is not high.

Denim fabric is thick, slightly hard so it is often difficult to wash and dry long.

3. Application of Denim fabric in apparel

Denim fabric is extremely important. Perhaps this is why this is the most produced fabric in the world.

* In the field of apparel: Denim fabric is used to make pants, tops, skirts, skirts, dresses, sports shoes, shirts ...

Denim fabric is also preferred when sewing accessories such as handbags, hats or belts ...

* In other fields

Denim fabric also encroaches on the field of furniture when used to sew all kinds of curtains, upholstery ..

And especially, Denim is also a fabric present in super cars for interior decoration.


What is denim?  Things to know about Denim fabric

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