Textile New

Textile strives to realize the goal

Time: 20-02-2023

Identifying human resources as a vital factor, over the past time, textile and garment enterprises have actively taken care of the material and spiritual life in order to retain employees. According to garment enterprises, only when employees stick with them for a long time, the business will develop...

"Planning the way forward" when the world economy is increasingly unpredictable

Time: 06-02-2023

The Prime Minister's spirit of "paving the way forward" was clearly demonstrated by the Industry and Trade sector at the Conference to promote domestic production and consumption and expand export markets in 2023. Many issues were raised by Industry and Trade representatives. The paper proposes to overcome...

Chairman of Vinatex: Uniqlo, Zara, H&M cannot be copied in the domestic market

Time: 30-01-2023

According to Mr. Le Tien Truong, Vietnam's textile and garment cannot copy the way of doing, or fight directly with global brands, but must go into niche and different markets.

Taking care of Tet for workers

Time: 13-01-2023

Despite many difficulties in production and business, many businesses still enjoy Tet accordingly, organize year-end parties and transport workers to their hometown to celebrate Tet.