Vision, mission and core values

  • Vision : Strength of the collective and desire to contribute to the economy of the country, VSC constantly strive and become one of the leading fashion corporations in the field of textiles.
  • Mission : Quality, customer confidence and employee happiness are the guiding principles.
  • Core values :
  • Customers are the focus: Customers are always the focus in policy and strategy planning of the Corporation.
  • Responsibility: As the leading company in Vietnam in the field of textiles. VSC not only focuses on business objectives but also actively affirms its leadership in improving the living standards for employees and the society.
  • Creativity and Quality: The central elements of creativity are the ability to create the most appropriate designs, material choices, equipment improvements, and production systems using the latest technology. . VSC always sets standards to meet or exceed market and consumer requirements.
  •  Equity: The corporation always creates a fair working environment and promotion opportunities for all employees.
  • Safety: The corporation always cares for the health and safety of all staff - employees during the work.