"Borrowing" his white shirt to create your own charm

His spacious, comfortable and unconventional appearance is a plus point that helps his white shirt fall into the "sight" of the girls.

It is a fact that 90% of girls often like to wear items "borrowed" from their boyfriend's wardrobe. In it, his white shirt is an immortal choice. Psychologically, the scent lingering on your partner's clothes can give you a more relaxed and relaxed mood.

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Men's white shirts are broader than girls' bodies. Therefore, the simplest way to coordinate is to combine jeans and some accent accessories. Different from the familiar shirt style, the loose blouse creates a dusty, more personality look when wearing sneakers. Workplace girls can change their sneakers to high heels and choose a pair of jeans with a moderate fit or flared shorts.

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Transforming into a SIMPLE DANCE

For oversized shirts, you can turn them into a shirt dress and create accents with a slim belt at the waist. Some statements such as necklaces, large earrings help "rank up" for a simple outfit. Wearing shirts in a hidden style is also popular with girls because of the convenience and grace they offer.

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For individual girls, the way of wearing an inverted shirt expresses a unique and unique fashion sense. You just need to turn the back of the shirt to the front and leave a few buttons, you have turned a simple white shirt into a "cool" item. To pair with this "reverse" shirt, you can wear a simple pair of jeans and a combination of impressive accessories.

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The white color always represents impeccable purity. This tone dispels the secret feeling in hot weather and brings a feeling of comfort and coolness. The white-on-white combination is simple and elegant, suitable for a variety of fashion styles. You can wear an ivory or milky white shirt with baggy pants, a pleated skirt, a pencil skirt or a skirt that goes down to the knees.

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White shirts and skirts are an elegant duo dedicated to feminine girls. The simplicity when going with midi skirt, spread skirt gives girlfriend a sense of comfort and confidence.

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What are you waiting for without "borrowing" a white shirt of that person right away and showing off your combined talent? A little change both helps you renew your daily style and is a "catalyst" to strengthen feelings for the other party.


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