8 styles of modern girls office shoes should be in the closet

In addition to the signature black high heels, did you know that other types of business shoes are also popular and in line with the latest fashion trends?

People often know high heels or neutral-colored doll shoes in office environments. But in fact, there are 8 typical types of office shoes girls can refer to, not only because of the ease of mobility but also high fashion.


One of the most popular office shoes for many years is pointed heels. With a heel height of 5 - 9 cm, pointed heels can completely help office girls become more confident. With neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or black, pointed heels are easy to fit with a shirt, casual pants or a pencil skirt. Pointed heels are both classic by a simple design, while helping the overall office outfit become elegant and modern.


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Low-heeled shoes were once considered the shoes for "ladies" because it was mistakenly thought that a low heel design could make the wearer look a few years older. However, in the office environment, the girls are not only interested in fashion but also the convenience of shoes. If pointed heels are painful to your feet, a low heel will make you more comfortable. In particular, the gentle and elegant beauty that spiky heels bring will bring a great plus point to office attire.


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The first time the fashion world saw the appearance of ankle-strap shoes was when the fashion house Chanel launched the classic two-tone slingbacks Chanel.


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As the name implies, the characteristic feature of this shoe is the clever ankle strap that shows off the woman's heel. The low-heeled, large version is a plus point for office girls to move flexibly. Not only Chanel, other famous fashion houses also released sling back shoes with diverse designs. From studded stones, flowers or stylized ankle straps, people can always find classic, elegant beauty in that shoe style.


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No fixed back straps, no cumbersome design, simplicity is the highlight of kitten heels. Commonly seen pointed toe will help "lengthen" the legs of the person. Furthermore, like comfortable low-heeled shoes, kitten heels are sure to bring comfort and convenience to ladies. One of the important factors that make this shoe so popular is its suitability for most office wear like shirts, vests, casual pants or pencil skirts.


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If sandals are flat, low, usually for days out, high heels are one of the ideal options for office girls. The advantage that everyone sees is that sandals will relieve feet from the pain of wearing high heels for a long time. What's more, the shoe strap design allows riders to resize themselves to suit the ankles and feet.


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In particular, the leading fashion houses always know how to make sandals more fashionable and trendy. The stone straps or cleverly "play" with the colors are just two of the creative designs on sandals.


Contrast that with pointed heels are low-heeled doll shoes. Not only the opposite in heel height but also by the style that each shoe style brings. If high heels give an outfit a trendy and aristocratic feel, then doll shoes create a simple yet polite beauty. The most common material in doll shoe designs is leather or leatherette.


                                                              Ảnh: Style of the World


When the square-toe shoe craze initiated by the Bottega Veneta family has not "cooled down", people often encounter these fashionable shoes in the office environment. What could be more ideal than a pair of shoes that bring a sense of ventilation to the feet, and just catch up with world fashion trends? More importantly, the light-thin sole and square nose hugging the foot frame can both come with elegant dresses or elegant casual pants.


                                                        Ảnh: Style of the world.


A pair of flat-heeled or high-heeled loafers can create a unique variation for the girl looking for a change to the office outfit. Lazy shoes can also match the menswear style - a little personality, break the way but still polite, in the "framework" of the office environment.


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