4 types of bags you should have to wear in all situations

Not all bags are suitable for every event. Refer to the 4 bags you need in your bag collection and how to apply them.

Just like shoes and jewelry, the right handbag plays a big part in perfecting your outfit. Have you ever wondered which bag to choose to wear to the place you are sharp or the event you are going to attend? Here are suggestions for the four basic types of bags you should have and when to wear them.


These are usually moderately sized bags, allowing you to carry your essentials without needing an oversized bag. You can both "dress up" to a party and be able to apply in everyday fashion. This bag also has the advantage of being easy to carry because it is carried across the body, making it easier for you to secure the bag. If you do not own this type of bag, look for a medium sized, neutral color such as white, black, brown.


Round shoulder bag with formal outfit. (Photo: Jacksonfashion)


The bag with metal strap adds elegance to you when going to parties. (Photo: Picdeer.com)

With this bag, you can bring it to different times of the day: in the morning when you do not need a fancy bag, at the evening party when you do not carry too many things and just need the bag as accessories .


This seems to be the most handy bag. You can leave everything you need and easy to wear. The size of this bag is also suitable for traveling, for mothers "diapers" and for girls at work. In addition, because this is a bag you will use quite often, do not hesitate to invest in a good quality bag.


                                                           (Photo: Imaxtree)

This is a bag you can carry every day when you go shopping, go out during the day. Note that large bags are not suitable for evening events. A small handbag will be suitable to dress up for a dark party.


At important events and you want to dress beautifully and stylishly, this is an ideal bag. Clutch bags come in many styles and sizes. There are bags that just fit credit cards, cash, lipstick… And there are bags the size of regular handbags. You can bring clutch bags to occasions like weddings, dinners or luxury parties.

Please select a clutch bag suitable for the outfit you will wear. If wearing a simple black tight dress, a prominent clutch bag with beads or metallic material will make the highlight. For costumes with complex patterns, the clutch bag with the base color will be more suitable.


Choose a clutch with a simple color when your outfit has many motifs. (Photo: Pop sugar)


If you want to combine outstanding accessories for your outfit, choose a clutch  with sparkling beads or metallic material. (Stylecaster)


The Tote bag is a bag that is easy to buy and has a "comfortable" price tag because it is usually made of raw, burlap materials. On days when you don't want to show off too much, a convenient tote bag with a variety of colors and images is a lovely highlight for you. The tote bag can be used for lunch, extra books or sports equipment for training sessions ...


                                                           (Photo: Annie Clark)


Source: vinatex.com.vn