The rise of Tweed cloth costumes

Tweed fabric is a very good keep warm material, the early tweed fabric is woven from pure wool and until now they have been combined with other materials such as mohair or cashmere. Tweed is also known as a thick material, good waterproofing used to make warm coats, costumes. COCO CHANEL is credited with turning the tweed fabric from the common material for workers into a high-quality material for fashion.

Tweed has been around for hundreds of years, but little is known about its origin from poor, cold Scottish labor lands. Tweed fabric was born by skillful hands and talents of local weavers here. From pure wool yarns combined with special weaving techniques, the fabric is very warm and thick. The weather in Scotland is very cold, people here often suffer from bone-chilling cold, so this material is their savior. Its insulation properties, along with wind resistance, are suitable for the humid and cold climate of the British Isles.

In fact, the name Tweed was the result of a simple invoice error for a cloth merchant in London. The original name of this fabric was Tweel, Scots in Twill. The merchant said that Tweed is a brand name derived from River Tweed - one of the rivers of Scotland. That's how the tweel becomes Tweed.


Vietnamese fashion is not out of the trend of the world. Domestic fashion designers also produce collections of tweed fabric with a classic look but also very modern, both can be used to wear to work, and can go to parties but still polite. and proper. From the twenties to the sisters, the ladies, the tweed fabric can please everyone. Can point through some designs

Source: Lobbster

Source: Bird's Nest

Source: Lane Jt

In this Autumn and Winter collection, Vietnamese designers are very responsive to the world trend, creating luxurious designs that are suitable for the physique and taste of Vietnamese people. We are in the stage of international integration, so there is no reason why Vietnamese fashion this year will be out of this race. With the time to approach this New Year, a series of year end parties or simply dating down the street, weekend cafe, women definitely can not miss these tweed cloth costumes.