Huntsman introduces the Eriopon E3-Save dyeing aid, which saves money

Eco-friendly dye auxiliaries designed to save time, water and energy. © Huntsman Textile Effects

Huntsman Textile Effects introduces the new Eriopon E3-Save for washing and dyeing of a bath. This auxiliary makes the polyester processing cycle as short as possible, thus saving time, water, energy and costs.

Demand for polyester and man-made yarns is booming as the market for sportswear and apparel expands rapidly around the world. At the same time, brands, consumers and factories are increasingly focusing on sustainability and performance to optimize the cost, time, and resources for the polyester dyeing process.

The advanced Eriopon E3-Save dyeing agent has been researched and developed by Huntsman Textile Effects to meet these challenges. This auxiliary helps plants save significantly on water, energy and time for the process of dyeing polyester materials and materials mixed with polyester by combining bleaching, dyeing and washing in one tank.

 Oliver Gerlach, Global Marketing Manager of Processed Chemicals at Huntsman Textile Effects, said: “Eriopon E3-Save dyeing aids participate in all the important stages of polyester dyeing from bleaching to washing to creating. Outstanding performance, environmentally and economically sustainable. The environmental information of this auxiliary helps plants to have more flexible handling and optimal price performance rates. We hope this new aid will support the textile and apparel industry towards more environmentally friendly activities. ”

From the manufacturer's perspective: Eriopon E3-Save dye auxiliaries can be used for dyeing in jet dyeing machines without anti-foaming products. The outstanding balance of the Eriopon E3-Save dye enhancer also increases the reproducibility, allowing chemical processing plants to avoid the need for additional balancing agents.

Polyester, microfibers and blends treated with Eriopon E3-Save adhere to the requirements of the bluesign (Leading global system for managing the environmental impacts of textile and apparel manufacturing through management inputs and outputs), Level 3 of the Hazardous Chemical Outlet (ZDHC) and the List of restricted substances of international brands. In addition, this device is suitable for handling textiles in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

E3-Save dye auxiliary is a complement to dyEvolution - Huntsman's commitment to environmental and economic sustainable textile value chain through a series of high-performance products.