Grado brand under GBTL Company launched a new product line at the conference Simla

Photo: Grado by GBTL

Leading Indian premium fabric manufacturer Grado of GBTL (formerly Grasim) has launched its new product at a workshop recently held at the Manla Homes Resort Hotel in Shimla. Top dealers from North India participated in seminars that took place for several days. This brand holds workshops wishing to have a brighter 2021 and to introduce their new collections.

The workshop introduced a series of outstanding new products including Alsace - 20% wool Tweed fabric for jackets, and Streeza - 4-way stretch fabric. In addition to these two bestsellers there is also a range of highly rated products with a variety of colors and designs.

Resellers and retailers were optimistic about a wide range of products and came to Shimla to show their solidarity towards the brand, working side by side through the times of challenge. Grado of GBTL said in a statement: “The brand has a very dedicated and reputable agency network, and during the days of the seminar there were many new strategies and implementation plans for the brand. Be discussed."

The workshop ended with a determination to build more market share and increase retail footprint.

"We were overwhelmed by the feedback from the workshop participants during this challenging period and how optimistic the customer was about the product," said Manish Shukla, Grado's CMO at GBTL. The success of the workshop gave us the foundation not only to introduce new collections to retailers but also to strengthen and foster relationships between management and partners ( agents and retailers). With the excitement of such new products, which occupy a certain position in the brand's shopping carts, GBTL's Grado is poised to increase its market share at a very rapid rate.