In fashion, if design is the curves of unlimited creativity, then business is the long-term straight line that requires smart strategy. And the power of fashion marketing in the digital age is not only limited to sales or profits, but it is also a hallmark in the market and builds customer loyalty with the brand. However, it is a destination for numerous difficulties and challenges for businesses when the staff lacking professional skills in fashion business is a major obstacle for businesses in implementing the strategy. business

Understanding that, the Fashion Marketing course organized by Fadin will supplement knowledge, improve skills and set new visions to help businesses grasp the business management strategy of a brand and distribution channel. At the same time, increasing the efficiency of proficient use of social media to develop advertising campaigns and help the brand create products that are separated from the market, affirm the reputation.


Content of Fashion Marketing Course , including 8 topics:

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Fashion Marketing course; Objective factors affecting fashion marketing activities
  • Topic 2: How to collect information in the fashion industry market
  • Topic 3: Market classification in fashion, target audience and brand positioning; Get to know target customers in the fashion business
  • Topic 4: How to make marketing plans for fashion brands
  • Topic 5: Product strategies for fashion brands
  • Topic 6: Pricing strategy
  • Topic 7: Distribution channel strategy for fashion brands
  • Topic 8: Communication strategies for fashion brands


  • You are working in the field of SALE / MARKETING in the fashion industry
  • Designers have private labels
  • You are in fashion business or cherished building fashion labels
  • You want to become a fashion marketing expert

Time: September 19 - October 10, 2020, every Saturday from 8:30 - 16:00

Location: CirCo Space - 6th Floor, No. 222 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Tuition: 12,990,000 VND / student

  • Registration from 03 students: 10% discount
  • Register from 05 students: 15% discount or get 1 free advertising page on Vietnam Magazine

Registration information, program advice :

INSTITUTE OF VIETNAM FASHION FORM 648 CMT8, Phường 11, District 3, HCMC | Tel: 028 3521 686 (Ext.102) Mob: 0969.422 540 (Ms. Tien) | 0397,924 934 (Ms. Huong) | 0369.066 078 (Ms. Thuy) | 0913.390 995 (Ms. Nhan) Email: fadinhochiminh@gmail.com  | Fanpage: FADIN - Vietnam Fashion Model Institute.

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