5 principles need "to be heart" when coordinating the outfit color

In order to combine outfits from different tones on the color wheel, girls need to master the following basic principles.

Color is the factor that makes the first impression of the outfit. The balance of colors on the design can determine whether your outfit is perfect or "catastrophic". Besides the classic formula "main - secondary - highlight", girls need to memorize the basic coordination principles after stepping into the walk with color.

The color wheel coordination rule is "the guideline" to help you have an impressive outfit but not flashy. (Photo: Colossal-squid)


If you want a dramatic look, you should experiment with a mix of shades of the same color gamut. The density and the harmony of the color layers will create a new visual effect for the whole.

You won't be able to ignore the mix between fuchsia and millennial roses. (Photo: Fashion Magazine)

Lilac purple will be the wonderful "companion" of lavender and violet. (Photo: Tyler Joe / Marie Claire)

The girls can combine cobalt blue skirt, baby blue shirt with navy high heels and blue handbag accessories. (Photo: Who What Wear)

(Photo: Refinery 29)


You can choose 2 colors that are symmetrically located through the color wheel to complete an impressive outfit with contrasting colors. Navy blue - orange, yellow - purple, green - pink are the color pairs that many girls apply.

(Photo: James Devaney / Popsugar)

(Ảnh: World Style)

(Photo: kknews)


Colors that are located next to each other on the color wheel are called mutual colors. Not only does it bring a sense of harmony, the color scheme from the adjacent palette also creates enough contrast for the whole. Yellow - orange, red - purple, blue - violets are the "matching cards" you should try.

Yellow and orange tones evoke images of a vibrant and youthful summer. (Photo: Who What Wear)

(Photo: couturezilla)

(Ảnh: World Style)

(Photo: Tyler Joe / ELLE)



"Three colors" is the balance effect when combining 3 colors to form an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. Red - yellow - blue, green - orange - violets are prominent color triangles. When coordinating with this formula, you should use 2 tones as a complementary highlight for the rest of the color gamut.

(Photo: Tyler Joe / ELLE)

(Photo: twitter @nanakomatsu)

(Photo: Tyler Joe / ELLE)

Group of 3 or more colors when combined in harmony with each other will create an eye-catching and fashionable overall outfit. (Photo: Diego Zuko / ELLE)


If you love the minimalist fashion style, girls can apply a neutral color palette for their outfits. From gray, navy blue, white, black, nude to brown, you will find many interesting and equally fashionable color combinations for your outfit.

(Photo: ELLE)

(Photo: sohu)

(Photo: ELLE)


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